The workers are nice but there clothes are dirty food was better the first time I visited ... read more
Yolanda Dodson via - Mar 17, 2018
: ) Stop in. Not bad ... read more
Rob Harnage via - Mar 9, 2018
Great burger, fries & price!
Rich Cekoric via - Mar 1, 2018
Best $5 burger lunch in town. For that price you get a hand pattied double cheeseburger, fresh cut fries, and a fountain drink. Very good burgers.
Jeff C via - Mar 1, 2018
Good burger, good fries, good service, good price. Place was somewhat dirty.
Rick Theobald via - Mar 1, 2018
Decent burger ... read more
Adam Hoots via - Feb 19, 2018
Best burger joint in town. Was ...
Best burger joint in town. Was pleasantly surprised!
Mike L. via - Feb 17, 2018
My family and I were finally able ...
My family and I were finally able to try My Burger 101, and they did not disappoint!! We were able to do delivery thru Bike Squad. We all did the My Burger Classic, and it was absolutely delicious. The meat was fresh, everything was fresh. They followed the special instructions, and made each burger just like we wanted. At first I th ... read more
Tracey M. via - Feb 9, 2018
Great burger and fries at a really good price.
Richard Grumbles via - Feb 8, 2018
Love the burgers. They never disappoint me.
ItsThatGirl TY via - Feb 5, 2018
Great tasting burgers at reasonable prices! One of those places a lot of people don't know about but spread the word - it's an awesome burger joint...
Paul Konnikov via - Jan 29, 2018
Burger 101 is where it's at. The burgers are fresh and tasty, they give you a ridiculous amount of fries, and the prices can't be beat. When we went, the special was a double hamburger with fries and a drink for $5. Honestly, I don't know how this places stays in business. The food is good, but the restaurant is always empty. Don't b ... read more
Christy Gordon via - Jan 28, 2018
Great food, great value, would be 5 stars if service was a bit better. PROS: The food is great. Burgers are well seasoned, Cheese fries are AMAZING (definitely get some). CONS: Service is slow. The two times I have visited, there was only one person working. So he had to take our order, cook and assemble the burgers, make the fries ... read more
A. A. via - Jan 20, 2018
Great food, great value, would ...
Great food, great value, would be 5 stars if service was a bit better.PROS: The food is great. Burgers are well seasoned, Cheese fries are AMAZING (definitely get some).CONS: Service is slow. The two times I have visited, there was only one person working. So he had to take our order, cook and assemble the burgers, make the fries, wh ... read more
A. A. via - Jan 20, 2018
prices were good, fries were excellent, but the sandwich was only so, so. Service was super slow and the dining room wasn't the cleanest.
Deanna Flanagan via - Jan 18, 2018
Good burger great price.took 15 mins to get my come back ... read more
bryan sluder via - Jan 12, 2018
Great quick burger. Excellent fries ... read more
Ben Robinson via - Jan 10, 2018
The burgers and prices are awesome ... read more
Ann Jones via - Jan 10, 2018
Really good food. Excellent prices on specials. $6 burger fries and Drink as example ... read more
Schae Robinson via - Jan 6, 2018
The food was GREAT!!!!! Prices great excellent for the price! ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ ... read more
Janette Jackson via - Jan 4, 2018
Good food, not fast food
If you are in a hurry, this place might not be for you. If you like hand cut fries, and hand squeezed lemonade and are willing to wait a couple minutes longer for those things - then you must try them. Yes, on occasion the...More ... read more
Cassandra W via - Dec 29, 2017
I just had my 101Classic burger ...
I just had my 101Classic burger. Oh my goodness my mouth is doing the happy dance. Even the fries with chili and Queso is delicious. I was on the scared side when I pull up and not a single customer was there. I went on in and placed my order and the young man that took my order was so helpful letting me know that all the burgers com ... read more
Carolyn K. via - Dec 29, 2017
First time I went in they had slow service. But it wasnโ€™t too bad. The burgers are really good, probably best in Greenville. Good sized meat and good portions. Good prices too! Courteous and attentive staff.
Luis Gonzalez via - Dec 24, 2017
Slow service ... read more
Luis Gonzalez via - Dec 21, 2017
The price was GREAT and the food was too. The only issue was it took 25 min to get my order.
Donald Gilbert via - Dec 16, 2017
๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ... read more
Isabel Martinez via - Dec 7, 2017
Great prices can't be matched for quality. However very slow and prone to mess up orders. Fix that and five stars.
Justin Buck via - Nov 29, 2017
Went one evening for their $5 special of a double burger fries and tea or lemonade. This is a great deal. The burgers are fresh and cooked how you like them. The lemonade was amazing...fresh squeezed. The staff was super nice.
CMeko G via - Nov 22, 2017
Pros: great food. The burger was excellent: fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and buns. The fries were good as well. Excellent value for the money. Cons: long wait for a single order. I ordered my food to-go and it took about 15 or 20 minutes to get it. But I chalk that up to being a new place. Overall: give this place a chance! It's ... read more
James Brock via - Nov 19, 2017
I went here because it's close ...
I went here because it's close to home. I was pleasantly surprised. Fantastic cheeseburgers! They are my favorite food. The fries are hand cut and tasty. A double cheeseburger, fries and drink for $5 is a great price, especially for food as good as this. I just moved here and I've been told there's been many restaurants in this build ... read more
Marie C. via - Nov 7, 2017
$5 Dbl Cheese fries and soda. Hamburger way over cooked, fries could be crisper, Coke was as usual.
Jay Darst via - Oct 26, 2017
Great burger for the price. Double ...
Great burger for the price. Double cheeseburger, fries, and drink for $5 is a great deal. Saturday hours need to be extended, they ย close at 3 on Saturdays.
Drake A. via - Oct 21, 2017
$5.00 for a big juicy double cheeseburger ...
$5.00 for a big juicy double cheeseburger, fresh cut fries, and an ice cold Pepsi. This place easily offers the best value in town. Come hungry, leave happy. Just over look the poor decorations and unattractive building, the food is delicious!
Dylan K. via - Oct 21, 2017
Great value for the food! Legitimate, hand-pattied burgers that are probably 1/4 lb each. Hand-cut, thin fries that are crispy and have some skin on them still for flavor (my preference). You can get their burgers โ€œall the wayโ€, with fresh lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion (if youโ€™re one of those types), etc Their classic double che ... read more
Matt Rawlings via - Oct 20, 2017
Great food. Great price. Fresh made food.
Brad Wilson via - Sep 21, 2017
My son and I consider ourselves ...
My son and I consider ourselves burger aficionados of Greenville. This is the best overall value burger in Greenville. Burgers are always freshly-prepared and juicy with generous toppings. The fries are always freshly cut and cooked and taste great. The standard price for the combo of six or seven dollars is very fair for a double ch ... read more
Jeff C. via - Sep 16, 2017
Awesome burger and fries. Very ...
Awesome burger and fries. Very well portioned double patty and fresh bun. ย  Worth a stop in ... read more
Dean D. via - Sep 15, 2017
Big juicy burgers!!
I ate at Burger 101 yesterday for lunch. A coworker mentioned eating here and I drive past it frequently so I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered the basic burger they offered with fries and lemonade. Other than the lemonade being a little...More ... read more
Ted B via - Sep 13, 2017
Burgers were ok. The bacon cheeseburger I got was tiny. The bun was huge in comparison. Not horrible, but definitely not the best.
Laura Jefferson via - Sep 7, 2017
Delicious burger and fries! Even better than homemade, and HUGE. Wish there was a My Burger 101 by my house! I'd never cook again LOL.
Margaret Hosner via - Sep 2, 2017
I actually ate at the one on Woodfuff ...
I actually ate at the one on Woodfuff Road behind Cookout and in front of Bi-Lo. That said , the place is tucked away. When you do find it, be sure to stop! I had the Classic, which is a double pattie with all the fixins. Very good, hand partied and cooked fresh. Added lettuce, tomato and onion. Toasted bun and hand cut real fries. T ... read more
Mark I. via - Sep 1, 2017
Pretty good burger place! Like ...
Pretty good burger place! Like the previous comment on here, we pulled up and the lot was empty and we too were skeptical but tried it anyway. We're from Texas so we won't be able to return but if I lived here I definitely would. Good burger, fresh ingredients and tasty fries. Great value too!
Mark C. via - Aug 29, 2017
Good burger and an older feel to it. If you want a classic tasting burger and some chili fries on the side, this is the place to go.
Joseph Frazier via - Aug 25, 2017
Great food, decent prices, great atmosphere!
Anthony Moon via - Aug 23, 2017
Awesome for the price, and they are nice people. Cheese burger, fries with a soda, five bucks. Great deal and very good ... read more
daniel chada via - Aug 23, 2017
Fantastic, fresh burgers! Great prices. The fries are seasoned and cut fresh. Glad they have turkey as a burger option. Definitely going back! ... read more
Carrie Northcutt via - Aug 13, 2017
Good food and conveniently located near Haywood mall. ... read more
tom bailey via - Aug 13, 2017
Good and fresh burger, made to order. Warm welcome as we arrived. Good follow-up to make sure we were satisfied Referred to My Burger 101 by a friend. Very good choice. Will return.
Melvin Sinclair via - Aug 8, 2017
WOODRUFF RD location: AWESOME fries, and really good burgers
My husband and I went for lunch today, our first time to My Burger 101. We left our house, drove there, ordered and ate lunch, and returned home - door-to-door within less than an hour. The poor guy running the place was all by himself,...More ... read more
Lisa F via - Aug 7, 2017
Switched it up
I had previously given this restaurant a 5 star review, and after raving, went with my family one evening. Since my last visit 2 weeks prior, their prices have gone up 25-30%. It was amazing for the price before, but now is terribly average.
djourden via - Aug 5, 2017
The turkey burger was very well seasoned.. The fries were hand cut and cooked perfectly. Portions were very generous. Great place with reasonable prices.
Tammie Williams via - Aug 4, 2017
Good burgers ... read more
J Ak via - Jul 31, 2017
Best value around.
Alan M via - Jul 24, 2017
First timer
Woodruff Rd location: purchased the Classic and the freshman. Burgers are delicious. Meat seasoned fairly well (angus beef) . Fries are not crispy,kinda bland. If you are not used to potatoe bread this is what they use.
Quinton F via - Jul 22, 2017
That burger was bomb ... read more
Keeonis Salter via - Jul 20, 2017
Friendly service ... read more
Devin Warren via - Jul 17, 2017
First Visit. Ended up here based ...
First Visit. Ended up here based the reviews here on yelp. It did not live up to the glowing reviews or the comparison to Five Guys or other similar choices.However it was a good burger and fries. Definitely a cheaper option and the burger was fresh and worth what was spent.I will definitely return but there is room for improvement i ... read more
James B. via - Jul 15, 2017
I went from a recommendation. Nice burger for the money , fries piled high ! This is one of the better burger places !!!!!!
chris volpe via - Jul 7, 2017
Great burgers for an unbelievable price. Come here for lunch and get the $5 combo which includes a double cheeseburger, fries and a drink. Awesome. Only negative was the annoying cashier who wouldn't stop shouting about her birthday. ... read more
Jacob Elliott via - Jul 1, 2017
Great fast food burgers ... read more
Amy Lochridge via - Jul 1, 2017
I was hurting for a burger. These folks had been on my radar. I was tooling down woodruff so I stopped in for a spell. Lordy, the heavens opened their hitherto closed doors and mana fell once more in the form of a burger and fries. I highly recommend.
Andrew Dagg via - Jul 1, 2017
Best fast food burger in town.
Ken Lochridge via - Jul 1, 2017
Very well made, well seasoned, ...
Very well made, well seasoned, and well cooked burgers! Went around 3 and it was very slow in terms of people eating, so we got our food very quick, but it was obviously made fresh with delicious seasonings and fresh toppings. Definitely worth your stop!
Daniel G. via - Jun 30, 2017
Great Burger and Fries! Watch out for the Lemonade, it is very sweet , but so good!
Karen Tisdale via - Jun 29, 2017
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